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Cardinal Hill in Ocala, FL

About 20 miles out of Gainesville is the beautiful city of Ocala, FL. Many people come here looking for the peace and tranquility central Florida’s laidback beach towns offer. There is plenty of breathtaking beauty and Southern hospitality. Ocala is divided into several neighborhoods, each with their own flare and unique features.

Ocala’s Horse Farms and Rolling Hills

Cardinal Hill is located within the Northwest Central area of Ocala where many up-and-coming professionals choose to call home. There is a great deal of open land making the area popular for horse farmers. The horses raised here often compete often compete in the Kentucky Derby. Those searching for a home in Cardinal Hill will find gated homes behind rolling hills and lush foliage. The trees are mature in this area and the properties are well landscaped. The homes usually have guest quarters and it is not uncommon to see many outbuildings for the animals.

School System in Ocala

There are thirty elementary schools in the Ocala area, as well as ten middle schools and eight high schools. There is also abundant private schooling available. The schools in this area are top notch and it is a great place to raise a family for both quality of life and a great education. Those relocating to this area will find that the unemployment rate is low at only six percent.


Ocala’s Weather

This area is known as a great place to live for the ample amounts of sunshine that they get year round. They observe two seasons here, a dry season and a wet season. October through May is known as the dry season while June through September is known as the wet season. During the dry times, there is a ton of sunshine and hardly any rain, perfect for any area close to the beach.


Its central location makes it easy for getting to Tampa and Orlando. Getting around the Ocala area is not difficult either. There are eight major freeway systems, with I-75 and I-40 being the most populated routes. The Ocala International Airport is a full service airport for those who need to get in or out of the area. Also the Ocala Union Station makes it easy to catch a train into surrounding areas. While Cardinal Hill is more on the subdued side of Ocala, there is plenty to do in the Ocala area, allowing for the best of both worlds.

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