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Top Three things to ask your Realtor In The Villages

When you first visit The Villages you immediately recognize it is different than any other place you have ever been.  The residents are friendly, there are many activities to participate in, and the organization of all that happens is amazing. When it comes to buying in The Villages there are questions you must ask because the real estate market is different as well.  First question is: Are you a Realtor or just a licensed agent working for the developer.  This is most important because there are big differences.  A Realtor is bound by a list of ethical standards to protect your interests.  You also must know that there are properties listed by NON realtors and homes for sale by Realtors.  Number two Is there an existing  Bond on the home?  The bond represents the share of cost for infrastructure( storm water systems, street lights, underground piping etc..)each owner has. Some owner have paid off the bond some have not.  If they have not it becomes the buyers duty to pay it! The Third question is Who do you represent?  Is it me and My interests or the developer?

No matter where you buy there are questions to ask.  The only problem is sometimes you do not know what the questions are. We are the largest MLS company in The Villages and our goal is to serve buyers and sellers to the best of our abilities.


Glenn Stein

Broker Owner Realty Executives In The Villages


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