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The Villages Lifelong Learning College

Many residents have said that, among many unique and special features of The Villages in Florida, one of the most compelling reasons to choose The Villages as the place for your retirement living is the Lifelong Learning College. Offering an extensive catalogue of classes for older adults for the pure joy of learning, the presence of The College is not just a direct benefit to your own personal growth and intellectual stimulation, but helps ensure a surrounding community of friends and neighbors who are part of the wider discussion and engagement with the world.

The Villages Lifelong Learning College
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Class Selection

The Villages Lifelong Learning College offers hundreds of courses each semester, ranging for example from hands-on drawing, painting, all levels of sculpture, writing for children workshops and everything in between. There are serious and thoughtful academic classes in history, literature, philosophy, science and languages. There are many practical life skills classes in computers, finance and healthcare, and then also courses on how to de-clutter your closet! Fun offerings abound in sports and games from aquatics to billiards to bridge to pickleball. There are G.E.D. equivalency courses and classes on culinary arts and genealogy. If you want to find an interesting course, you’ll have plenty of choices.

Speakers and Day Trips

The College also offers interesting monthly speakers on topics of general interest for a small fee and arranges day trips. Although The Villages Lifelong Learning College accepts registration from the public at large, Villages residents can become annual patrons and receive discounts and priority catalogue registration on classes, day trips and speakers sponsored by The College.

Learn, For the Pure Joy of It!

The Villages Lifelong Learning College teaches what you want to learn. Find again the pleasures and inspiration of learning without the pressures of grades or competition. Check out their offerings at their website and see why so many others say The College is one of the very best parts of living at The Villages in Florida.

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