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Thanksgiving Restaurant Guide | Ocala and The Villages

Residents throughout the Ocala, FL area enjoy a wide selection of restaurants are available to them. They may be interested in dining out on Thanksgiving, since this can provide a chance to relax. If you don’t feel like cooking, you may be interested in learning about the restaurants that will be serving up their own versions of Thanksgiving dinner. This may be the best choice if you have decided to have a small family get together and want to make the most of your time. The following restaurants are ready and willing to serve up a most delicious Turkey Day dinner.

Thanksgiving Restaurant Guide
Photo by Rene Mayorga

Brick City Restaurant

This has been a local favorite in the area for years now, so it is no surprised that it tops this list. They have been dedicated to serving Ocala families with great meals. If you want to stop by here, you can enjoy a great selection of authentic Thanksgiving meals. They will be serving up a full buffet of different holiday dishes. You can get the traditional turkey and gravy meal from the buffer, if you would like. But you can also feel free to try out some of their lamb, pasta and seafood dishes as well.

2019 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala, FL | (352) 867-0905 | Hours: 11AM to 8PM

The Ivy House Restaurant

This is a secluded option that has become popular among many local residents. It is located just outside of the city, but it may be well worth your trip. The restaurant itself is housed within an old style plantation house, which can give it a certain sense of charm for many visitors. They will be open on Thanksgiving, with many different options available to whoever stops by here.

106 N.W. Main St., Williston, FL | (352) 528-5410 | 11AM to 3:30PM

The Mason Jar

Think about whether you may want to get a chance to stop by this last restaurant on the list. The owners take a lot of pride in the Thanksgiving meal that they provide to their guests here. It can also be a great place to enjoy a quiet, relaxing meal with your family on the holiday. Stop by their location in the Friendship Plaza to try them out as well.

8449 State Road 200, Ocala, FL | (352) 629-0527 | Hours: 11AM to 5PM

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