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How to Make Your Home Look Glamorous Before Selling

Stunning and gorgeous are two words that you want to hear when people describe your home, but you are not quite sure how to achieve that goal. When a sophisticated level of style is the goal, what steps do you need to take to have a more glamorous house? Here is a simple guide to making home appear more “glamorous” when selling in the Villages, Florida:

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by Boa-Franc

Select a Theme

You might be confused and say that glamour is your theme. Well, glamour is really more of a style. For example, you could have an autumn theme in your dining room, but do it in a glamorous way. You might be inspired by the art of the Cubism movement and choose to implement various inspired-decorating strategies with plenty of elegance and sophistication. If you really want to make your home the jewel of your eye, you will pick a theme and decide how to execute it in a glamorous fashion.

Solid Base

Adding in polished pieces of furniture and ornate details will both certainly help you to increase the glamour level of your home. However, if the floors and walls do not look finished, then these pieces will fail. Start by adding a fresh coat of paint to all of the walls in your house, and you may wish to choose some colors that stand out a bit more. If the carpet needs to be redone or the wood floors refinished, these procedures should happen early on as well.

Elegant Furniture

Pieces of furniture, after the walls and floor, really serve as the anchors of a room, and you can build the rest of the pieces around it. A bold statement piece helps to bring up the level of class in the room. A stunning white chaise lounge or a rug in a deep purple color are two suggestions you may wish to employ. Remember, elegant furniture does not have to be expensive. Keeping a less pricey piece in top-notch condition can be all that it takes.

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Elements of Decor

While furniture is key to the vibe portrayed, you need elements of decor to really make a statement in your home. Look into some wonderful works of art because they can really change the way that people see your house. Hanging up these works of art will draw in your eye and the eyes of any guests to your home. You can also look for some eclectic pieces to show that you still like to have fun in a fashionable and stylish manner.

Don’t Forget The Outdoors

Curb appeal is such a major part of your home’s presentation, and you do not want to just forget about it. Hire landscapers to take care of the grass and begin to plant some stunning flowers around the perimeter. Adding in a new fence this season is another excellent way to add some pizzazz to your place.

Selling Your Home in The Villages, Florida

Living a glamorous lifestyle does not have to cost you a fortune. By going to the stores, browsing through magazines and really considering your home-visions, your path to style and elegance can begin today. To learn more about selling your home in the Villages, read our free home seller’s eBook:

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