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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

Many people use the arrival of the New Year as an opportunity to start new, good habits that can improve and enrich their lives. Another way to make use of the beginning of the year is to set some goals for your Ocala, Florida home. Following these tips can help you improve your property, your investment and your life.

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1. Review Your Home Expenses

Many people resolve to improve their financial situation in the New Year. You can do this with home expenses by carefully reviewing all monthly and yearly costs for home upkeep and look for ways to save money. One area you can save money is on insurance costs. Get quotes from a number of companies and consider raising your deductible. This measure can save you money throughout the year.

2. Remove Clutter

Clutter happens, even in the most spacious of homes. Resolve to get rid of items your family never uses and find new storage solutions for items you wish to keep. A wide variety of storage options are now available that can help keep clothing items, kitchen items and children’s toys out of sight and out of the way for a more organized and pleasant home environment.

3. Purify Indoor Air

Indoor air can become unhealthy before the residents even realize it. Use mats around doorways to pick up dirt and allergens from outdoors. Air out rooms regularly to remove stagnant smells and dust. Change the filter on your HVAC unit regularly. If you have sensitive individuals in your household, consider using an air purifier to provide healthy air for them and for the whole family.

4. Reduce Water Use

Another way to improve the New Year is to save money on water and help preserve the planet at the same time. Consider getting a low-pressure showerhead or toilet to help reduce your water usage. Buy a plastic rain barrel to collect water for lawn watering and plantings.

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5. Budget for Remodeling and Renovation

Areas such as the kitchen, bathroom and family room often need updating to make your home more comfortable for your family’s use and to bring a higher price when you sell. Resolve to make these changes in the New Year and budget carefully to ensure that you remain within a realistic number.

6. Seal HVAC Ducts

Heating and cooling ducts are a common area of energy loss and can be easily fixed by sealing and insulating the ducts. Your local home improvement store carries products for this task, and you can do it yourself and save money throughout the winter.

7. Improve Your Greenspace

Clean up yard areas, remove dead or broken foliage, and plant new trees to beautify your property and make outdoor play more pleasing. Inexpensive plantings can go a long way to making your property more beautiful and can be a good way to spend time with family.

Start the New Year with Your Home Resolutions

Set reasonable goals throughout the year, and you will be repaid with a more comfortable, more efficient and more attractive environment.

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