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In The Villages of Wildwood

There have been a few interesting posts about living in The Villages within the City limits of Wildwood.  While it looks like the Villages’ plans to build nearly 800 homes off of 466a in Wildwood has been delayed, there are thousands of Villagers who live in Wildwood. My agents at Realty Executives In the Villages have talked to many buyers about living in Wildwood or the southern end of The Villages.  Interestingly enough it seems be 50/50.  For those who want to be closer to Lake Sumter landing or Spanish Springs Wildwood seems like a long drive away. They also feel that Wildwood has a negative perception with potentially high crime.  However for those buyers who want to be closer to the newer town square of Brownwood being south of 466a and closer to cr44 is a viable option.  My Villages Realtors have talked to many happy people who live in Wildwood.  So just like anything else in life different strokes for different folks.


Glenn Stein

Broker Realty Executives In The Villages

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